Suitup Productions wedding photography

Wedding photography

Various wedding photos.

Pokey LaFarge @ Amp Amsterdam

Amp.Session with mister Pokey LaFarge

Kite Board Open 2015 Aftermovie

Beer, sun, sea and no entrance fee! Kite Board Open 2015 was a success!

Introduction movie Jason Mercera

Introduction movie for dancer Jason Mercera.

Photo serie construction and renovation photography

Construction & renovation photo serie

Photo serie of the renovation and furnishing of the new office for NLO European patent and trademark attorneys.

Brabant Latin Festival Aftermovie

The after movie for the Brabant Latin Festival.

Studio photos of director / songwriter Suleigha Winkel.

Studio photos

Studio photos of director / songwriter Suleigha Winkel.

Graffiti photography

Graffiti photography

Graffiti photography and graffiti artists.

Black and white photoshoot dancer Jason Mercera

Photoshoot Jason Mercera

Photoshoot for dancer Jason Mercera.

Photoshoot dancer GN Mars, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Dancer GN Mars

Photoshoot for dancer GN Mars in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

Photo serie Illegal Immigrants on the garbage dump Mae Sot, Thailand

Illegal Immigrants

Photo serie of Burmese immigrants on the Mae Sot garbage dump in Thailand (2009).

The World District Band – On a Mission

Live video registrations of the World District Band 29th of May 2013, At 45s Comedy Theater In De NES, Amsterdam.

ODE Food promotional photography

ODE Food Photography

Promotional photos for ODE Food Trucks.

ODE Food promo

Promotional video for ODE Food Trucks.

Various musicians


Various photos of musicians (2005-2009).


LTD Dance

Photoshoot for dance school Love Through Dance.

Illegal Immigrants on the Mae Sot garbage dump

Documentary: Illegal Immigrants on the Mae Sot garbage dump (2009)

Animated vintage photographs

For municipality Zuilen’s Museum I’ve tried to bring three photos to life by animating them.


Black and white

Black and white vintage look & feel photos. (Mixed analogue / digital)

Mtonya drumming, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Mtonya drumming

Final assessment of Bertus Pelser who drumsĀ in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.